The doers

Prof. Reinhard Roseneck (1950-2012) 
Was the Scientific Director, the visionary and the initiator behind the Cistercian Museum Walkenried Monastery. He was also largely responsible for getting the Mines of Rammelsberg, Historic Town of Goslar and Upper Harz Water Management System onto the UNESCO World Heritage List.

"Over decades and at great financial cost, the monastery was carefully restored in line with the latest conservation concepts and, through a consciously modern 'second layer', architecturally supplemented in those areas where the concept so required. Historical and modern architecture thus mutually highlight and complement one another.  

The historic monastery – that authentic site –, whose enclosure (seclusion area) with its famous double-naved cloister is so uniquely well-maintained, is experienced by the visitors in a way developed specifically for Walkenried, one that does not spoil the character of the almost 900-year-old location through the use of conventional exhibition forms. Instead, in this part of the museum the visitors are accompanied by abstract design elements, each interpreting its specific location and simultaneously transmitting fundamental knowledge about it, by audio guides that provide more in-depth information without being visually intrusive, as well as by repeated citations from the Rule of Saint Benedict. 

In the restored enclosure (seclusion area), accessible to visitors for the first time and including the abbot's building with its several storeys and its 'morbid' fascination, the latrine, through which water used to flow, the monks' dormitory stretching across the entire east wing, and the upper floor of the whole north wing, the life and works of the 'White Company' of the Walkenried Cistercians are comprehensively rendered in an exhibition that is both creative and sensual."

Reinhard Roseneck


District of Göttingen

Overall management
Baudirektor Günter Jentsch
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Roseneck † 


Exhibition concept
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Roseneck †, Braunschweig / Wolfenbüttel 
Ortrud Krause, Braunschweig 
Dr. Brigitte Moritz, Goslar

Exhibition architecture
Kleineberg Architekten und Ingenieure, Braunschweig 
Uwe Kleineberg 
Axel Pohl 
Bert Härtl 
Ralf Schönhoff 

Graphic design / Media composition
Hinz & Kunst, Braunschweig 
Peter Wentzler 
Floyd Arnold 
Martin Chall 
Dirk Laube 

Building research
Working Group Historic Town Centre 
Dipl.-Ing. Dieter Haupt, Wolfenbüttel 

Ground-penetrating radar

Dr. Harald von der Osten-Woldenburg, Esslingen am Neckar 

Illustrations for children
Manfred Tekla †, painter and graphic artist, Friedrichswalde 

Digital landscape model
Thomas Krüger, Quomodo.medien, Reutlingen 

Building archaeology
Dr. Stefan Flindt, District of Osterode am Harz 

Archaeological surveying
Federal Military University Munich, Faculty for Social Sciences
Prof. Dr. Rainer S. Elkar 
Dr. Matthias Steinbrink 

Computer animation 
Dipl.-Designer Michael Schütze, Clausthal-Zellerfeld 

Model building
Modellbau Sindl, Apelnstedt 
Henning Sindl 

Media technology
VST GmbH, Saalfeld 
Axel Starzonek 
Audiotechnik und Elektronik, Liebenburg 
Holger Schütte 

Audio guide for adults
iGuide Kulturaufnahme GmbH, Großkochberg 
Sebastian von Sauter 
Lutz Baitinger 
Alberto Laisse 
Sigrid Rauterberg 
Uta Krause 
Peter Prautsch 
Tobias Schulze 

Audio guide for children
Kulturaufnahme MV GmbH, Erfurt
Peter Rauch
Johannes Gabriel
Gritt Stephan

Wolfgang Konrad-Falz, Lower Saxony State Museum Hanover
Stefan von der Trenck, Braunschweigisches Landesmuseum, Wolfenbüttel 

Specialist consultancy, exhibition
Dr. Lothar Klappauf, State Office for Historic Monuments of Lower Saxony, Mining Archaeology, Goslar 
Fritz Reinboth, Braunschweig, Verein für Heimatgeschichte Walkenried und Umgebung e. V. 
Dr. Markus Blaich, State Office for Historic Monuments and Archaeology of Saxony Anhalt, Halle (Saale) 
Dr. Wolf-Dieter Steinmetz, Braunschweigisches Landesmuseum, Wolfenbüttel 
Dr. Josef Dolle, Braunschweig 
Klaus Harenberg, State Office for Historic Monuments of Lower Saxony, Hanover 
Klaus Lübbe, fisheries expert, Braunschweig-Riddagshausen 
Heiner Lindemann, Minden 


Building owner and constructor representation, District of Göttingen
(previously District of Osterode am Harz)
Günter Jentsch 
Klaus-Dieter Siemon
Christian Lehmann

Architecture and monument restoration
Kleineberg Architekten und Ingenieure, Braunschweig 
Uwe Kleineberg 
Axel Pohl 
Bert Härtl 
Ralf Schönhoff 

Statics consultancy and planning
Büro für Bauwesen, Sicherung und Sanierung historischer Bauten, Bonn 
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Hempel 

Operating technology
Staatliches Baumanagement Südniedersachsen, Clausthal-Zellerfeld
Heinz Weitemeyer 

Planning of media technology
b.i.g. Bechtold Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Weimar 
Dirk Liebheit 

Fire safety concept
HHP Nord/Ost Beratende Ingenieure GmbH, Braunschweig 
Dr. Rüdiger Hass


Welterbe im Harz

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